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Name: Hannah
Age: 19
General Location: A little north of Canada (there is one place in the US where this is possible bwahahaha)
Three positive adjectives about you (EXPLAIN EACH FULLY!):
1. Loyal—I am so loyal to my friends and family. I don’t trust people easily, but I would die for my friends and family if they needed me to. I never let anyone insult my friends, which sometimes gets me into trouble.
2. Funny—I think I’m a pretty funny girl. I have a bit of an evil sense of humour, being English and all, but it makes people laugh. I’m good at cheering people up by being funny.
3. Adventurous—I love travelling, trying new things, and pushing myself. I mean, I’m no Indiana Jones, but I will go out and explore the jungle while other people sit on the beach and read (yes, this is a reference to real life). I went to Senegal with a group of people I didn’t know (it was an organization) when I was 17, and I adored it. I’m planning on working in China for a year during what would be my junior year of university. Pretty much I’m not afraid to go and have a poke around in the unknown.
Three negative adjectives about you (EXPLAIN EACH FULL!):
1. Emotional—I am very violent in my emotions. Whether good or bad emotions, they are exaggerated. If I am happy, it’s insane: I’ll bounce around, joke about, be the most fun possible, and I’ve even been mistaken as high when I wasn’t. When I’m on a low though, anything can make me cry, throw things, shout at people, etc. My temper is terrible as well.
2. Rash—Basically I talk or do now, think later. I’ve gotten better, but sometimes I will just rush into doing something—because I am passionate about my opinions—and then decide when I am in trouble that this may have been a bad idea. Like when I was riding around on the chair wheeler at school: Thought it was a good idea until the tech manager, who got along really well with me, absolutely shit a brick and screamed at me. I guess it was pretty stupid considering we were right next to a very expensive amp and some expensive instruments…>.>
3. Lacking of tact—I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I’m dead honest, and I call people stupid a bit too quickly. I can’t tolerate people who seem like idiots to me. For example, I should be permanently banned from political forums. I’m a very liberal girl, and as soon as I start a discussion with someone who is on the right, I get a little bit too into it and start offending people. And I don’t mean to, but I just cannot understand how people cannot agree with me on certain issues.
Would you rather be rated male, female, or doesn't it matter?: Doesn’t matter.
Is there any character you don't want to be voted as?: Well, I don’t think I’m like Kate, and I don’t like her very much, and it might make my life collapse around my ears if I was voted as her…so maybe Kate hehe.
Would you like your looks to be taken into account for voting?: Since everyone on Lost is ridiculously good looking, and I am average at best, not really, no. :p

THIS OR THAT (assume each has WHY after it):
The Caves or the Beach: The caves, because I would burn if I stayed on the beach. Also, I like the idea of being close to fresh water. And it’s colder than the beach, which would be horrible and sandy.
Determined or Accepting: Determined. I do accept people, but then I try to change them. And once I have my mind set to do something, I will do it.
Be captured by the Others or have a run in (not necesarily killing) with the monster: Run in with the monster. I’d rather die than lose my freedom.
Brave or Safe: Brave. I think you have to take chances to have any kind of a life worth living.
Coincidence or Fate: Coincidence. I’m not a religious person.
Science or Faith: Science. Again, I don’t have any belief in religion, and I think faith is just a way of remaining ignorant.

The plane just crashed. What are you doing?: Probably popping my shoulder back into place. I have never broken any bones, but my joints are super loose. I’d then go and find anyone I was travelling with, and make sure they were okay. If I couldn’t find them, my hysterical sobbing (which would be guaranteed) would turn to fits of anger and paranoia, and I’d probably drive everyone insane with my constant hysterics.
Why do you think you would have been on the plane in the first place?: I’d have been travelling and exploring somewhere in the East, and probably would have been in Australia to take a bit of a break from rugged travel.
What would you do if one of your friends was threatened by the Others?: Go and rescue them. Or if they were just threatened, not taken, I would be with them the whole time to protect them.
What would you do if someone you really didn't care for was threatened by the Others?: Let them figure out their own way out of the mess. I care about myself, my friends, and my family. Everyone else can deal with it themselves.
If when you look into the eye of the island, you see beauty...what is it you see?: I see mountains. Snow. Complete tranquillity and untouched snow, just waiting to be ripped by my snowboard. I see it as an adventure, a chance to go where no one else has been that winter. I love making new trails in any way, but snowboarding has to be my favourite.

Why did you start watching LOST?: Because my friend had downloaded the first half of the first season. And she wanted me to watch it, so I did. :p
Have a favorite episode? If so, which?: The Moth. Because it was Charlie’s episode, it was good, and I loved that he overcame his drug addiction. Also, Locke featured in it, which is always good.
Who is your favorite character?: Charlie. So sad that he is dead. I cried.
Favorite season so far?: The first.
Have any surreal moments in your life that reminded you of LOST?: Yes. I was flying back from Jackson Hole and we had a layover in Houston. We couldn’t land though because of shear winds.

How'd you find this community?: A search on lj.

Post anywhere from 3-7 pictures of yourself:

A little emo...>.>

Old pic, but I thought it was cute :p

I'm the one with black hair in the middle. Excuse the Harry Potter garb...graduation FTW! :p
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