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Pissed off giraffe!

Re-applying. Previously stamped as Nikki. I was unsure as if to re-post my old app, so I just played it safe and answered some of these questions fresh again, so if you see different answers that would be why. I'm at work with nothing to do, anyway.

Name: Jenna.
Age: 22.
General Location: NYC.
Three positive adjectives about you (EXPLAIN EACH FULLY!):
Loyal- If I love someone I'm willing to lay my life on the line for them. I'll put their well-being before mine almost the majority of the time and if they ever get stuck in a tight spot I'm always there to call on if they need help.
Creative- I'm resourceful and have the ability to think quick on my feet. I'm very reliable in dire situations because I keep a level head and don't panic. I'm able to formulate at least some sort of alternate plan when push comes to shove.
Witty- I'm usually able to make people laugh which is useful in tight situations. Sometimes humor goes a long way.
Three negative adjectives about you (EXPLAIN EACH FULL!):
Judgmental- I size people up when I meet them and usually on my toes. It takes me a while to become accustomed to someone new, and I always tend to see their faults over their strengths.
Critical- Of myself and others. If someone comes up with a plan, I'll attempt to poke holes in it. Not because I want to rain on their parade, but because I try to be as realistic as possible. I like to be prepared, and if I don't feel like my ass is covered I'll say something. I'm also internally self-deprecating.
Confrontational- I cannot for the life of me keep my mouth shut, especially when I feel like I'm being walked on. I've been told my entire life I'm TOO intense, I'm too out there, I'm too crude. I hate people who are passive aggressive, so I try to stay as far away from that trait as possible.
Would you rather be rated male, female, or doesn't it matter?:
Doesn't matter.
Is there any character you don't want to be voted as?:
Nikki or Paulo. I cannot stand them.
Would you like your looks to be taken into account for voting?:

THIS OR THAT (assume each has WHY after it):
The Caves or the Beach: The beach. My answer hasn't changed from before. I'd like to be closer to the ocean and I feel as though the caves are far more foreboding and make it a bit more difficult to tell when and if there's going to be an attack of some sort.
Determined or Accepting: Determined. I can't let anyone tell me no or try to convince me of something without giving whatever it is a fair go first.
Be captured by the Others or have a run in (not necesarily killing) with the monster: The others. We're all human and it'd be a helluva lot easier to observe the others and predict as to what their tactics are versus the unknown monster.
Brave or Safe: Brave. I'd rather live my life never asking "what if."
Coincidence or Fate: Coincidence. I don't believe in fate. There's a logical explanation for everything, to believe you have no control over where you end up in life is something I see as quite cowardly.
Science or Faith: Science. I've never been religious let alone agnostic. I believe in the whole "big bang" theory and if there's ever a reaction it's from a chemical interaction.

The plane just crashed. What are you doing?: Trying to gain my bearings and once making sure I'm in one piece I'm looking for other survivors.
Why do you think you would have been on the plane in the first place?: Perhaps on my honeymoon. Maybe some sort of vacation or job I was working on.
What would you do if one of your friends was threatened by the Others?: Keep a watchful eye on them and have some sort of plan in my back pocket if the need to defend them should arise. I'd probably tell one of my friends of mine or keep it to myself though, no need to freak my friend in question out.
What would you do if someone you really didn't care for was threatened by the Others?: They can fend for them damnselves.
If when you look into the eye of the island, you see beauty...what is it you see?: I never really got this question and I still really don't.

Why did you start watching LOST?: Because I was stuck in Florida with no computer, no cable and few books to read. It was the only thing on basic television that looked appealing, and everyone was talking about it.
Have a favorite episode? If so, which?: Two for the Road. I'm a die hard Ana-Lucia fan and I thought that flashback just completed her character.
Who is your favorite character?: If we're talking about live characters (Ana is my obvious dead choice) I'd have to go with both Alex and Danielle Rousseau. I wish their reunion had been longer, and I think they're both two of the most powerful women on the show.
Favorite season so far?: Season two, bar none. I miss the old Sawyer and Ana.
Have any surreal moments in your life that reminded you of LOST?: Not that I can think of.

How'd you find this community?:
Browsing, browsing. I've been around for a bit.

Post anywhere from 3-7 pictures of yourself:
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Ana-Lucia, but I still see some Nikki.
I said Ana Lucia before and I'm gonna say it again. :)
Definitely Ana-Lucia!
I see some Sawyer. Actually, a lot of Sawyer.

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