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Pissed off giraffe.

Name: Paul
Age: 26
General Location: NYC
Three positive adjectives about you (EXPLAIN EACH FULLY!):
1. Selfless - I'm willing to help others even putting myself at a disadvantage
2. Intelligent - I can figure out solutions to problems and implement them
3. Hard-working - I will ignore pain to get something done that needs to be done
Three negative adjectives about you (EXPLAIN EACH FULLY!):
1. Judgmental - I tend to make assumptions about people while knowing almost nothing about them
2. Distant - I'm very slow to communicate my deeper feelings, and will respond to attempts to elicit them with sarcasm or silence
3. Explosively Angry - I'm cool and can tolerate a good bit, but there is a point where I will snap, and nothing really in between
Would you rather be rated male, female, or doesn't it matter?: Male
Is there any character you don't want to be voted as?: No
Would you like your looks to be taken into account for voting?: Sure

THIS OR THAT (assume each has WHY after it):
The Caves or the Beach: I like the beach because of the openness, the breeze, and because I was practically raised on the water
Determined or Accepting: That's tough. Some things you have to accept, but as long as I'm able I'm determined to make whatever it is better
Be captured by the Others or have a run in (not necesarily killing) with the monster: I think I fear captivity more than death, so Monster
Brave or Safe: By myself, bravery to the point of foolishness. But with others, I am more concerned for their safety.
Coincidence or Fate: Coincidence. Fate is a cop-out, just accepting what's given to you.
Science or Faith: Science. Same as above, faith is just too accepting.

The plane just crashed. What are you doing?: Bleeding. I probably got knocked in the head with some carry-on. Trying to keep myself alive and get people out of the water if possible. If they're on land and out of the fire, fend for yourself.
Why do you think you would have been on the plane in the first place?: I would imagine I was just returning from a vacation or a contract job.
What would you do if one of your friends was threatened by the Others?: In immediate danger, use deadly force, kill them with my bare hands. If non-immediate threat, set a trap and then kill them with my bare hands.
What would you do if someone you really didn't care for was threatened by the Others?: Shit. I'd hate it, but probably the same as above.
If when you look into the eye of the island, you see beauty...what is it you see?: Home. And everyone in it.

Why did you start watching LOST?: My fiancee.
Have a favorite episode? If so, which?:3:10 - "Tricia Tanaka is Dead" I could see myself being immensely happy by discovering a VW van in the middle of an uncharted island. I was completely rooting for Hurley, Sawyer and the rest for fighting to get it running.
Who is your favorite character?: Sawyer. He's rough and callous/uncaring at first glance, but he is really a deeply caring and passionate person with no one to share that with.
Favorite season so far?: Season 2. Most expository of the three, best directed and written; nothing about it seemed haphazard. Character development was HUGE.
Have any surreal moments in your life that reminded you of LOST?: I sort of lost everything I owned in a flood and can relate to that same feeling that your life will never be the same.

How'd you find this community?: Recommendation.

Post anywhere from 3-7 pictures of yourself:

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