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I haven't found an active rating community for LOST that is based on personality and appearance, so I made one. In case you didn't pick up on the theme, this community is based on the amazing television show LOST. Here you can find which character you represent inside or out, or both! Just read the rules and fill out the application and you're good to go.

Your application will go into a queue so that I can control how many applications go out at a time so friends pages don't get over-run with applications and none get over-looked. So be patient, yours will be posted in due time.


1. Be kind, but honest. If someone is Ben, then don't be afraid to tell them, but give legitimate reasons, not "I hate you, you lying fiend." That's just mean.
2. You have to be a member to post. Just join and you're good to go.
3. Everything must be behind an LJ cut. If it's not, I, or someone else, will inform you of this and if you don't fix it within 24 hours your entry will be deleted.
4. Put "Pissed Off Giraffe" in your subject line so I know you read these. If you don't, I'll treat it as if there is no LJ cut, because rules are very important. Sometimes.
5. If you don't like who you were voted as, you may reapply in a week from your first entry. But be careful. I can tell when you're pushing for a certain character. If I deem that you are, you have the choice of remaining as the character you have already been voted or leaving. And no trying to be voted as someone on a different account. I check things out and look for journal creation dates and such.
6. Once your application is ENTERED, not neccesarily posted, you may carry on and vote for other people.
7. You need at least five votes to be stamped.
8. Do not, I repeat do not! reply to comments on your own entry unless they are talking directly to you. It makes counting incredibly difficult for a community of this size with one mod. If you do, with something like "Thanks" or "I never would have seen that character!", I will without hesitation delete the comment.
9. For the love of polar bears, bold your votes! Again, it makes counting easier on me. Learn how to here. Click the link for further instruction